Saturday, June 30, 2012

Divine Guidance...

Divine Guidance, or whatever the phrase may be, is what I would consider what is about to happen!  Last week, I went to the third week of Temple Preparation classes, and that is what I could consider what happened.  You see, I have been struggling, in life, with my health and with my church responsibilities.  A few weeks ago, I had finally listened to Heavenly Father's promptings to "do something" and not just sit idle.  My calling, you remember, the one that I was so strongly excited for, and had such hopes for...well, those feelings quickly disintigrated, and I was left feeling discouraged, frustrated and disenchanted.  I so wanted to help, offered, and was there to do just that, it was as if my help was not wanted, and I was given mixed signals about it.  I knew that Heavenly Father would never give me anything more than I could handle, even though I had questioned that in recent weeks/posts, I wanted to do all that I could before I threw in the towel and went to speak to my Bishop.   In preparation to speak to my Bishop, I brainstormed a bit, that Sunday afternoon, and formulated an outline/list of sorts.  Sharing hopes, dreams, discouragements, and questions.  I then gave the file a name, and let it lay on the desktop for a few days. 
At Sunday's evenings class, the Bishop was there to share information with our group about the temple, answer any questions or concerns, etc.  First off when he arrived, he said, "Sister Taylor, may I meet with you for a few minutes afterwards." To which I answered, yes.  A little worried, though there was no need to be, class began, and ended after a time.  We went to speak in the kitchen area of the home where we were having the class and said to me, "Sister Taylor, I have been thinking about you, and your situation a lot over the last week, I even wrote myself a note last Sunday morning, that I needed to talk to you." He went on to share that he feels that even though I could most effectively run the library, and that he was happy with all that I am willing to do, he was going to release me from my calling in the library.  I was so relieved.  No that I would not have given my all and done all that I could possibly do for our Ward family, but this fit, is just not the most optimal, to which he whole-heartedly agreed!  The situation is just not a good fit with me and the other Librarian, and he feels that I will be able to assist others in a better way in another calling, to which I also agree. He had even already at that point spoken to another person, who will be called to the position I vacate tomorrow.  He was that certain.  Divine Guidance! Even before I voice my concerns to the Bishop, I had voiced them to our Heavenly Father in prayer, and He answered me!
Prayer works, and I knew that before, but I an reaffirmed more now!
So sorry to sound preachy but I really felt the need to share.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

So Much Has Happened!

Since my last post, I was still in New York, having a great time with family and friends...That is where the good times ended.  The night before I was to return to Idaho, we, Grandma and I, ended up calling 911 because my Grandpa couldn't breathe, and he was having intense chest pains.  They admitted him, and I was unable to say "good-bye" and give him a hug before I was to catch my plane in Thursday.  As I was getting settled after the layover in NYC, and then sitting in the airport in SLC, I checked my messages, only to get one from my Mom, saying that she was headed home to NY to be with Grandpa and the rest of her family.  My Grandfather passed away right after midnight on Saturday morning, he was 87.  So, in the span of less than a week, I buried one Grandmother, and lost my Grandfather.  I know that Our Heavenly Father will not give any person more than they can handle, but I felt that this was asking way too much! 

I have been reflecting a lot on what each of my Grandparent's have meant to me, and the memories that I have of both of them.  I remember some wonderful things, and that is how it should be!  I am so grateful for the time that I had with both of them!  I now am trying to keep focused on the girls and my great husband, and not let myself go to the dark place that I was in for the first two week after I got back to Idaho. 

My first major outing since getting back, is to go camping this weekend.  I have been packing the camper a little each day, and will finish up today.  I have been prepping food for our trip, and you would think that we are going for at least two weeks instead on three days and two nights.  I keep telling my husband, "we are traveling with children, remember..."