Monday, August 19, 2013

Most recent project...(s)...

Good Afternoon All!

I have been really, really busy.  I am embarking on a wondrous and mystifying into the world of homemade and hand crafted items.  I cross stitch and have done so for over 30 years now.  Some members of my family and I, three total, have decided to put our talents to good use and share them with others.  More on that at a later date!

The following pictures are a few of the assortment of items that I have personally been working on.

Koi Fish cross stitched on what will be a cloth diaper.

An assorted theme of ornaments.

An assortment of stocking ornaments.

I truly love to cross stitch.  It is a passion of mine you could say.  I love the hunt for the perfect pattern/chart.  I love especially finding patterns for a bargain, ones that are found in a used book store, or even better, ones given to me by friends and family!  I enjoy the process of making the items,  when I complete a project, there is immense satisfaction, and not so much some when I discover a mistake that requires a lot of back tracking.  I enjoy wrapping the finished project up, and watching my intended recipient open the gift, and seeing the amazement on their face, and the happiness they display when they realize that their gift was made with love and that they are cherished by me. 

Whatever your passion is, embrace it, enjoy every minute, and better yet...share it with others!