Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What to do for Valentine's Day...

There are so many options.  Some people go all out.  Candlelight, romantic dinner, movies, a helicopter ride, theater show, etc.  That requires money and time, and if you have smaller children, a reliable sitter, and the costs that go along with that. 

Can we be creative, without spending as much money or time away from the family?

I know that Valentine's day is basically a day for romance, but isn't it possible to be just as romantic on February 13th or March 1st? 

An idea that I had, if you are unable to get a sitter on one of the busiest nights for a sitter is, take them with you, on a family date.  Go and see a family friendly movie together, a day or two ahead of time.  If a movie is not possible, and weather permitting, try taking the family on a picnic, to a favorite spot.  One place my kids love to see is the waterfall where their Daddy and I had our engagement pictures taken 10 years ago.  Plus, the location is a nice area for picnics. 

If you have a Zoo nearby, go for a visit.  For some reason, I have always found the Zoo a romantic place.  There is something about walking leisurely, holding hands, feeding the animals and just talking that is just so sweet and memorable.  Share that with your family.  Let the kids see you and their other parent, showing affection towards one another, sharing a kiss, and hugging each of them. 

After all, the memories are what make any day so special, so no matter the day or occasion, just make it a special one! And if you are still looking for, or craving the extra one on one attention....there is always nap time!