Monday, January 14, 2013

I wasn't going to address this, but...

I just feel like I need to! *This is my take, and mine alone!*

It has to do with the "Debt Ceiling,"  and all of this talk about those receiving Social Security.

Those on Social Security, cannot help it.  They are our nations elderly, and our disabled.  They are those who have worked hard for as long as they could, and now they are, by no wrong doing on their part  about to lose, in some cases their only source of income.  Because of this, some will lose their homes because they may still have mortgages, their reliable transportation, they may be unable to put food on the table and/or buy their medicines or go to their doctor's appointments.

There is so much wrong with that, I really am unsure how to further address it.  Other than to point out another problematic scenario.

If those on Social Security do not receive their benefits, the will be eligible for welfare.  The can be eligible to get additional help with food, in the form of food stamps, they can be eligible for energy assistance, they become eligible for Medicaid insurance, if they happen to be caring for school-aged children, either a child or grandchild, the child can be eligible for free school lunches, and so many more eligibilties open up. 

However, in order to receive these welfare benefits, they will have to lose the reliable car that they can no longer pay for, they will end up losing their beloved home that they worked their entire life for, and they will have to be in collections from the medical expenses, and have had their heat turned off, and have next to no saving in their bank account, and be able to prove all of that!

Plus, receiving any additional benefits is of course all contingent on the government not cutting the benefits to the poor as well, but sadly, it looks like that is also going to happen about the same time.

I am truly at a loss for how to avoid this!

A Snow Day!

Okay, so I was actually excited about the snow day that Robyn had from school last Friday, and not necessarily for the reason you might think.  I was excited more for the fact that because it was a snow day, I didn't have to drive in the bad weather, walk her into the school, drive home again and then do it all over again that afternoon.  I loved having both of the girls home with me, I really did! Aside from a few skirmishes, things went quite well.  It was also nice that, there was no need to make a mad dash to the store for necessities or anything like that either.  Which sometimes happens regardless.  If she has another snow day this winter, I may not be so lucky, so I am basking in the success of this one!