Tuesday, September 3, 2013

P, B & J and the First Day of First Grade!

Okay, okay...I made my new first grader P, B & J for her first day of school, but in my defense, she likes it.  We don't usually have this kind of sandwich, so it actually was kind of a treat for her.  Plus, her lunch was actually healthier than usual, the sandwich, grapes and some canned pears, with a juice box.

I wasn't sure how much hot lunch was going to cost us, so I packed her a lunch.  But, starting tomorrow, she will be having hot lunch daily from school with the occasional cold lunch.  I know that back when my parents and grandparents were in school, everyone brought their own lunches from home, but I am glad that a hot school lunch is offered.

Another change from last school year, my first grader will also be riding the school bus.  Last year, I drove her to and from school daily...yes, daily.  But, this afternoon, and each morning and afternoon from here on out, unless otherwise unavoidable, she will be riding the bus.  I am so excited.  She knows a lot of the kids on her bus, so that should not be a problem, and the best part...I won't be losing an hour a day plus driving to the school, waiting and then driving home... yippee!

A question for each of you then is, what was your child's first day of school like for you?  Did you get a lot done, housework, grocery shopping, etc. Or did you rest, relax, recuperate from summer vacation, or just take a nap?

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