Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Returning to Idaho Tomorrow...

Since Saturday evening, I have been "back home" in Upstate New York.  I have enjoyed being here.  I have been here to attend a funeral service for my 91 year old Grandmother.  She passed away last October and we were all able to spend time celebrating her life over Memorial Day weekend, which was one of her favorite holiday's.  Other than the funeral, I was able to spend time with other family that also lives here. 

Tomorrow though it is time to get back to Idaho, and my life there, and my family.  I have called my kids each night, right before their bed time, and I don't know who that call is harder for, me or them.  They ask me if I am at the airport yet, and my Robyn tells me about the pictures that she is drawing for me, and Anna tells me she misses me, and want's me to come home right then so we can snuggle.  Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. I hope that all will go well during the travel.

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