Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Garden "Spot"...

I have seen some pretty amazing garden's.  Large and small, in row after row, in containers, and in raised beds, some just so lush and green with perfect fruits and vegetables, and most of all little to no weeds.  These gardens must be attended by some pretty amazing people, who have a lot of time to spend on their hands and knees, picking every single weed or other imperfection out of their garden.

Am I jealous?... YES! I am.  Don't get me wrong, we have a good sized area for a garden, with a lot of room for fruits and vegetables, and my raspberry bushes are nothing to sneeze at this year.  But, those same raspberries are growing at an angle, instead of in a straight line.  I also currently have four raised beds, and after this year, there will be two more, but even though I have a variety of items growing, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, cucumbers, and tomatoes, I seem to be watering a lot more weeds than plants this year.  It also doesn't help that the fertile soil my husband filled the beds with this year had grass seed growing in it also. 

So, I will continue to drool over posted Pinterest pictures of fabulous gardens, all the while, canning tomatoes, enjoying watermelon, and slicing cucumbers for our salads.  Our garden is not perfect, but it is ours, and year after year, no matter how many weeds grow, we still seem to enjoy enough fresh produce.

Maybe one day, I will have a perfect, "ready for our close up, please" garden area, but not this year, and that is okay!!!

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