Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Weekend Ahead!

This past week has been busy, with a college visit for our daughter. She will be attending Idaho State University in the Fall, and so we visited the campus, and walked the route over and over and over again. She was truly excited and energized about it. Then, for the rest of the week, we need to clean and do laundry and clean some more in preparation for the arrival of her boyfriend, who will be spending the weekend with us. Plus, I got news that her step-brother might be arriving also from Seattle, which could throw a wrench in some of the weekend plans, as my vehicle is not big enough to transport everyone. But, anyway, the boyfriend for sure arrives on Saturday at lunch time.
Sunday we are all making the trek to Boise so that the little girls can join in for Easter festivities, and an egg hunt at my brother's house, he is making food there for us, so my contribution will be two fruit pies, one cherry and one mixed berry, that are so yummy! Then for dinner, my parents will join us, and we will be getting about 5 dozen, I hope, organic, semi free range chicken eggs to bring home. Then we will head home. Our daughter's boyfriend will then head back to the base where he is stationed in Texas on Monday afternoon. Busy weekend but should be fun.
Oh, what about dear sweet hubby you ask, he will be enjoying the weekend also, he has to work Saturday, but as for Sunday, I know that he will be spending at least a good chunk of the day napping in a peaceful and quiet house! Must be nice!

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