Monday, April 23, 2012

Day One of Walking...

My intention has always been that on warm, or even semi-warm days, I would get the little kids ready and we would go to the track at the high school and walk, then afterwards, as a reward for putting up with Mommy, we would stop at the park so the kids could slide on the big slides there.  Today was day one.  I know it is the end of why is it taking me so long, either the weather has been cruddy or there have been doctor appointments, or we were having to run errands or some other excuse...But, no more!  I will be making time to walk and/or exercise in some form every day. 
As for this morning, my 6 week body makeover begins AGAIN! I have tried the meal plan at other times, with some success, but it had been hard in the past for me to keep up with the exercise, and it will this time around too, but the weather is warmer, and we can get some fresh air, so I will try my best.  There may be times of frustration and pain and exhaustion, but I am determined to give it my best shot!

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