Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Instead of Walking Today, I ended up doing...

Laundry...I do not know which one was worse on my body.  The constant cadence of the walking on the hard surface of the track, or the standing, walking while holding items, and the sitting in a hard chair while folding.  I seem to hurt eqally as bad from both tasks.  Well, at least it is all done, for today anyway.

There is so much to get done this week.  Our teenager is going to Prom on Saturday night, so Sunday afternoon we went to a friends house and did a dry run with her hair style, trying different things, and finally settled on her favorite, and while there, they helped me to steam her dress, and petticoat thingy, of which the name currently escapes me.  Tonight I will be working in the church library, and then my plan is that on Thursday, I will be making the slight altertions to her dress to help it stay in place better while at the Prom.  Friday we can hopefully get a breather, other than cleaning the house and most likely more laundry, then Saturday the madness begins.  By lunchtime, we should be in full swing, my friends will be here putting together hair and make up, and helping put the dress on.  All the while, I will be making dinner for my teen and her date.  There will of course be pictures taken when her date arrives.  They will be eating family style with everyone, and we will be having chicken alfredo, and garlic toast.  Yes, I know, but in my opinion.  The garlic will not matter, they are just friends.  At about 7:30 p.m. they will leave for the dance, in my vehicle.  And since they have my vehicle, I will miss the Grand March at 8, which is when all of the kids line up and enter the gym so that the parents and their families can see everyone all dressed up.  The dance goes from 8 - 11 p.m., so that put's her getting home at aout 11:30-midnight, as her date literally lives a half a mile from our house. 

Just thinking about that makes me worn out.  Luckily I will have a few years to recouperate, our five year old has a few years to go before we will need to do this again!

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