Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am 40 years old this year, there I said it.  I am a convert to my faith and I never did experience traditional occurrences within my church, primary classes, and singing time, baptism at eight, the young womens organization, girls camp and EFY (Especially for Youth), so when I found out that I could actually take part on my own in the Young Women's Personal Progress Program, I decided to do so.  I am currently working on the first attribute, faith. 
The first task is to establish a habit of prayer, which I think is good for anyone in any faith or church that they attend, I am doing better now, at the end of the first week.  The first two days or so, I had to find express time to sit and quietly pray, away from the hustle and noise that is my life.  Not that I did not pray before, it is just that I am making a conscience decision to take time away from my routine to thank my Heavenly Father for the blessings that I experience in my life, and I want to focus explicitly on that.  I am also working on bits and pieces of the other tasks as well as the project I have chosen which has to do with aspects of planting and harvesting a garden, and how that is related to Faith. 
My point though being, is that I was watching a "Mormon Message" today, and it was about Thomas S. Monson, the President of the Church, and he was speaking to the youth in an address.  He was talking about his military service, and he said something that was so profound to me, and it felt as though he was speaking directly to me.  You see, I am the only member, aside from a step-sister, to whom I am not that close to, and I married a man who does not believe as I do, so there are times when I feel alone, and rely heavily on prayer, and I also am a bit timid to share my beliefs with others also.  His quote is as follows: 
"Dare to be a Mormon,
Dare to Stand Alone,
Dare to Have a Purpose Firm,
Dare to Make it Known."

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