Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mormon Messages!

The "Mormon Messages" are short videos, that share something, talk about something, and teach something to those who watch them.  They are funny sometimes, poinant, sweet, and even make a person think.  For me, and my little girls, they bring peace into our home.  Not all the time, but it seems that when I let these messages stream on the tv, we are a lot more relaxed, and calm than at other times.  I usually "play all" so that I do not need to stop what I am otherwise doing to begin a new video.  I turn up the volume loud enough so that we can be in the kitchen or dining room and still hear the message, but not too loud to not be able to discuss what the girls just heard. 
I have gather much knowledge and understanding from these short messages, and have even had a "Wow!" moment during one of them, well more than one actually.  But, my favorite is "Dare to Stand Alone" which talks about President Monson's time in boot camp. His statement about Daring to be a Mormon, and having a purpose and sharing it was an eye-opener for me! 

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