Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Okay, okay I know...The cartoon Moose is named Bullwinkle.  But, I am not talking about him!  There is a store here, similar to that of a craft mall.  Except, when you walk in this store, there are no booths where individuals set up their own stuff, instead there are "rooms" of things.  There is a kitchen, where you will find homemade hand stitched dish towels, sets of bowl, cook books and the like, there is a "baby room" where there are handmade blankets, handmade dresses, and dolls, etc.  This store is run by a very sweet woman, who knows mmembers from my in-law family, and so always greets me so warmly. 

Over the years, I have purchased many items from her.  Mostly for gifts for Christmas or Anniversaries for family that live elsewhere and cannot visit her store themselves, because a lot of the things available there are fun and unique.  In addition to buying things this time around, I intend to sell some items starting this Fall, and leading into Christmas. 

As mentioned in prior posts, I have been working on cross stitched Christmas ornaments, and Boise State and Idaho State ornaments for themed Christmas trees.  I have also made some baby burp cloths with sayings on them. 

I will be going over to Buhlwinkles in the next few days hopefully to chat with the owner about doing this, and also participating in the yearly holiday craft fair that she oversees.  This is an intimidating thing for me, but I am excited about it!

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