Sunday, August 12, 2012

I am happy for you, I really am...but!

How many of you have those friends on social media site who brag.  We all do right, but there is inevitably one or two or even more who seem to "pour it on a bit thick," right?  You know who I am talking about.  Those who are going on an amazing vacation, and share every single moment, or those who have a beautiful yard that you have only ever seen in architectural magazines, or those who take so many pictures of their children, that you almost want to say, "Enough, already!"

You see, I have wonderful friends and family and they mean so much to me, they really do, I would go to bat for them in a heartbeat, but come on! Seeing showroom photos of your newest car with a ribbon on it, seeing the cruise photos of not only the scenery, which is gorgeous bytheway, but seeing the pictures of the food you eat before and after, what is that about!  And then there are the numerous photos of your "precious" child in each and every new outfit that you just purchased for him/her at the most recent outing to some larger city.  Or better yet, all the Mommy and me, and the swimming lessons, and the library reading moments that you share.

That is not entirely what gets me though.  I love to see the pictures, but what puts it over the top for me are the descriptions.  The detailed descriptions of how much things cost, and how it is now a weekly thing or how "amazing" it is that you can go to the coast for the third time in 3-4 months. 

I am not saying that I am jealous, I am not.  I am truly happy that you and your family are able to do those things together, and buy those things.  But, for me seeing how well you are doing, helps me realize just how much we are doing without.  I use to try my best to "keep up appearances."  But that is just crazy.  So, when we visit you, or you come to see us, and you see my kids in the second hand of second hand clothes, do not let it shock you.  This is how we were before, we just never let you see it until now.

Next weekend, I have a friend from high school driving through and the plan is that we will get together for a while and catch up.  As if after 22 years, that is at all possible to completely catch up.  I never lied about our living situation to her, not at all, but I am a bit worried...if she comes to our house, what will she think, we live here, it is not a showplace.  If they want to go out to eat somewhere, can we afford it?  Will my kids let me pick out their clothes that day without WWIII happening, and so they do not look like they were just playing out back in the mud pile... Only time will tell!

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