Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up!

So, I have been lacking a little bit. 

As far as the cookbook that I won, with all of those yummy looking crock pot recipes, the cola chicken one, tasted, pardon the pun...A little flat.  The chicken was moist, and there was a lot of gravy/sauce, but there was no real flavor to it.  So, sadly, that one is out of the family recipes.  Also another flop, but mostly on my part was the Hot Fudge Cake.  As it was cooking away, I kept smelling burnt smells, and so I turned my crock pot from the recommended High temperature setting, to Low, and then finally turning the crock pot off all together.  The edges were burnt almost to a crisp, and the center was close to raw.  So, while we did not like how this recipe turned out, I will probably still try it again, but do my best not to mess with the settings. 

Secondly, and in my mind, most 5-year old, Robyn started Kindergarten on Tuesday!!!  Monday night, she was so excited, talking a mile a minute, wanting to make sure I knew just how much fun she would have, and how much she was going to learn...Only to arrive at the school Tuesday morning with a scared, tear filled, and nose running, soft hearted ball of nerves!  Wednesday morning, same thing...Wednesday afternoon, we started to turn a corner.  She saw a friend from her 3-year old preschool class, who remembered her! WooHoo!!! Wednesday night, a mile a minute talking about this friend who remembered her, and how they played together at recess, and even though they are not in the same class, they are going to still be friends...Then, this morning.  Thursday...tears before she went down to her classroom, perked up a bit when I mentioned that a trip to the Library in town would be her reward for being a brave girl and trying her best not to cry...Have to give her teachers a high five on what happened next.  Robyn was a bit weepy, and wanted my to give her hug after hug.  The teacher say, "Mom can't come in today Robyn, so give her a great big hug, then go sit down..." To which Robyn did.  I was able to walk out without the whaling of my soft hearted 5-year old wanting just one more hug!  I almost cried!

Another thing she has informed me of, was that "everyone" brings his/her own lunch, "everyday." She informs me of this with all the conviction she can muster, AFTER I bought a three month lunch ticket for her to eat from the lunch line in the cafeteria.

Wow, what Joy!

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