Monday, October 29, 2012

Are you Obsessed with Couponing?

What I am asking is, do you have what people call a stock pile of products? 

The reason I ask, is that I do coupon some, and I am trying to build up my Food Storage, that I along with others of the Latter Day Saint, Mormon, faith have been asked to do, but I average about $40-$50 saved per visit, sometimes more, sometimes less.  I am one to only use coupons for thing that my family uses.  If it is not something we will use or consume, I for the most part will not buy it.  I do not purchase 40+ newspapers per week, just to get the inserts, and I do not run multiple computers or have multiple email accounts, to get more than the maximum allowed online coupons in the allotted time, and I most certainly do not dumpster dive in commercial recycle dumpsters to get paper inserts. 

I have watched Extreme Couponing, a couple of times, just out of curiosity.  I found out a few tips that make my own shopping more profitable for me.  But, I watched once as a teenage boy proudly displayed his stockpile of femine hygiene products, and baby diapers, and formula off with pride, just because it was supposedly free.  And, I often wonder as people displayed their stockpiles of 5,000 rolls of paper towels and toilet tissue, what good is that if one little mouse decided to take up residence?

Admirably I watched once as a person bought items that they fully intended to donate to their church or food bank, and I was glad for the recipients of those items.  But, and this is a big hot button for me.  When a person "cleans the shelves" of the products, what does that leave for those of us who only want or better yet NEED two or three of that item?  What happens when they stores decided that because of, for lack of a better word selfishness of those who hoard these items, and make work harder for them, so they decided to one day do away with the privileges of couponing, or double couponing or the like.  What are those of us who count on the extra $40-$50 savings each trip that pays for another monthly bill to do?

I know that there is an adrenaline rush that comes over you at your accomplishment, and you feel so great about it, but think for a moment about what you are depriving the rest of us, who work the system honestly of.

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