Friday, October 11, 2013

Holiday Desserts...shortcuts!

I have decided on a Dessert theme for this coming Thanksgiving Dinner, with a few exceptions.  There will be the traditional pumpkin pie, and a concoction favored by my husband's family with graham cracker crust, and some jello-ish topping that reminds me of tapioca.  But the features of the dessert will be bite-sized, and finger food inspired.  Petite fours with different flavors, chocolate covered nuts, English toffee, and pumpkin, chocolate, and red velvet whoopie pies.

Yes, I will make from scratch some of the items, but my intention is to purchase most of it.  The petite fours are always well packaged when someone else does them, and the chocolate covered nuts, and toffee are less time consuming when purchased, but I will take care of the whoopie pies, and the pumpkin pies.

I know that I could do like others do and spend the week prior to Thanksgiving doing all of the baking of desserts, but why?  When there are perfectly good bakeries that are more than happy to take care of that for me.  So, that is my shortcut...shh, don't tell, ha, ha!

My home will smell plenty delicious on Thanksgiving with the Baked Ham, Roasted Turkey, and the other aromas that will join in.

Do you have any shortcuts for any meals that you use?  Holiday or no those shortcuts are pretty smart aren't they?

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