Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Starting to Form a Habit!

This past week has been a both a challenge and a reward for me. I am starting to form a habit, well two actually. First off, I have begun, again, the "Six-Week Body Makeover." Albeit with a few tweeks, because of health concerns with Hypoglycemia, but more importantly, my second one is that I am in the process of reading the Book of Mormon, from start to finish, and sadly after being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints since I was 21 years old, this is actually the first time reading from beginning to end without skipping parts or reading it hodge podge. That saddens me.
I do have some good news to report, I have done this for five days now, and counting, but the fun moment came when I was sitting in Gospel Doctrine class on Sunday and I had actually read the lesson, on my own in my daily readings, and KNEW what was being talked about BEFORE it was discussed. That was a wonderful moment! Our Stake President is challenging every one to read the Book of Mormon for at least 20 minutes a day, but I am challenging myself to read 3-4 chapters each day, and so far so good. I hope to be completed by this summer and begin again, and challenge myself the second time to get the reading completed by the end of the year. But, one step and one day at a time. I do not want to get overwelmed, and discouraged.
As for the Body Makeover process, I refuse to have a scale in our home, so I am gauging my progress on what clothes feel loose and what smaller clothes fit. I am looking forward to the warmer weather so that I we can change up the routine a bit though. And, I do say "we" because my two little girls "get" to participate in the exercising whether they want to or not because where Mommy goes, they go too!

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