Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Applying to College...

Okay, so I officially feel old! My teenager is applying to Boise State University, as we speak! She just called from school, where she is in the Counselor's office as an aid in the morning, and she is filling out a college application, and had a question for me. She is graduating from High School at the end of May, and time is just flying by! We are going to make her announcements, as it is cheaper, than getting the ones pre-printed by the hundreds by Jostens, and so that is a wake up call that I had better get started on them. Which will be a bit time consuming, but thank goodness for Costco, and their photo center, so I can save on printer ink, and everyone can still get a Senior picture!

As for my schooling adventure, I sent a transcript request yesterday so that an updated official one can be issued, so that I can start in earnest applying to a Master's Program. I feel as though this will be a lifelong process for me, which is good, but boy I will be happy when I am totally finished!

Plus, not to date me even more, I have to get my five year old prepared to register for Kindergarten soon too, she needs to update her shots, and dig out paperwork so that she can start school in the fall. Oh, boy!

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