Monday, February 27, 2012

Bountiful Basket Excitement!

There is a Food Co-Op called Bountiful Baskets, and I am so hooked! Last Monday, I tried to "contribute", which is actually a payment for my portion, but I was a week early...which is so funny. I usually know when my week falls, because every other week is a pick up for the site in the town where I live, and I usually volunteer, but the week prior I was busy so I wasn't able to, so I got confused. I was really bummed because the process is fun, and the experience is amazing because there always seems to be a surprise in the baskets, there is always something I truly enjoy, as well as something that I usually go, "what is that?" or "How can I use that?" Which allows me to think outside the box in food preparation.
So, I am really ready to contribute fr this weeks pick up on Saturday, and guess what, I am an hour I am trying to contain my excitement for about another hour until I can get my basket paid for. I am looking forward to maybe getting an extra or two this week as well! Their sourdough bread that I got two weeks ago, is amazing, and will be getting more when it becomes available again! I don't know anywhere else even at a Farmers Market where you can get two heaping reusable grocery bags full of fruits and vegatables for such a great deal!
If you would like to check out Bountiful Baskets foryourself, and see if they are in your area, go to this site!

Their web address is

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