Friday, February 24, 2012

"Loves Lately"

Well, at least that is what I saw on an old co-workers family blog. That is what his wife called her list. So, I thought that I might share a few of my "loves"...
1. Right now, at this very moment..."Bambi," the movie is playing on Disney Channel and I have been sitting at my computer for more than 5 minutes without so much as a wimper. The best part, the unabashed laughter coming from the other room, when I peeked, Bambi was trying to stand up on the ice, my little ones got the biggest kick out of that.
2. As with my co-workers wife, I am also thankful for Costco, I only go about twice a year, and spend a lot, at least in my opinion, but we come home with things like paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning and laundry soaps and supplies, industrial sized bottles of shampoo, raw chicken, canned tuna and chicken, garbage bags, velvetta cheese, Pam Cooking Spray and Spices. I remember when not too long ago, we would also pick up diapers, baby wipes, and numerous gallons of milk and apple juice. I always wondered how it was all going to fit in the back of our SUV. It always seemed to, even if we had to hold some of it on our lap, but it always did.
3. Biggest Loser DVD Set, my newest purchase, there are two DVD's in the set, the one I am currently working on is the quick start one. You focus on a specific area of your body, that is different each day for 10 minutes. I am excited to get going and the little girls are doing the exercises with me so far. I am going to need to work at things a little slow and at the lowest impact, and am doing so thusfar, but my heart rate is getting where it needs to be to burn calories, and I am happy about that.
4. My husband! After almost nine years of marriage, when he calls me each day on his lunch hour, my heart skips a beat, and I get giddy for just a moment. I love him so much. I just hope that I tell him often enough.
5. Our girls! They try my patience each day, but they are a wonderous source of joy, laughter, and pure love! They are my heart, and I will love them all forever!

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