Thursday, March 15, 2012

Smith's, Shots and the Dollar Store...

The Smith's grocery store in Twin Falls was nearly unrecognizable. From the outside of the building you couldn't tell anything at changed, but once we walked through the door, oh, boy! Nothing looked farmiliar. Things had moved, the store atmosphere was different, and the most confusing part for me, was that I spent over 30 minutes walking up and down the aisles going, "this use to be here, now where could it be?" That is probably my own fault becasue it has been two years since I set foot in that store, but still, something should have looked familiar to me, but no. Don't get me wrong, it looked wonderful, and now knowing that, I probably will shop there more frequently when I go to Twin Falls, but I was hoping for an in and out trip, to which that didn't happen.
As for the shots, sad to say, both little girls had to have them today. Anna had just one, and Robyn ended up getting three, but they both screamed and hollered and carried on like it was the end of their life. This was the first time I had to do this alone with them, usually my amazing hubby will go along for my moral support, and also to, let's face it, be the bad guy and hold them down, but not today, it was ALL me...So needless to say, I felt a tremendous amount of guilt. Hence our next stop over in Twin Falls before heading home...
...The Dollar Store! I did a lot of browsing, as my teenager is heading off to college this Fall, so she will need to know where she can pick stuff up, but I do have to say that the kids did find quite a few great "treasures", and because of the aforementioned guilt, I did NOT say no!
As for now, Anna is napping, Robyn is painting a picture, but getting tired, and I am about wiped out! So, ta-ta for now, it is nap time for me too!

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