Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day Eight, after a breather!

Okay, so who get as plate of cookies that look something like this?

And who wants them to look more like this?

First of all, I like the assortment in picture #1.  If you don't like the taste of one certain cookie, you are not out completely, you have choices, but as a downfall, you run out of favorites quickly.

Growing up, my favorites were the sugar cookies with the mounds of colored frosting that were in the shapes of snowmen and santa and others, and my least, and I do mean least were these old style two toned butter cookie, that my Mom made hundreds of each year.  There never was enough milk to down those cookies.  But, in that regard my Mom was pretty smart, and thrifty.  That recipe made dozens and dozens for very little money.  Which made it good in that way.  But as for us kids, I myself, did not favor them, and they were the only ones we still had in March or April.

When I make plates of goodies for others now, I usually go to the standard peanut blossoms, chocolate chip, with M&M's instead of chocolate chips, and I make soft gingerbread, read and green rice crispy treats, and if I am feeling ambitious, I include a family recipe of chex mix.  In years past, I have even included quick breads, and homemade jelly.  Usually not all in one gift basket, but a variety for each family.  It has become somewhat of a tradition here, to bake and decorate bags, and baskets for families the week before Christmas.  So, I will be starting that tomorrow.

Is there a tradition that includes baking that you do in your house? Are you surrounded by family and friends? Is there music playing and laugher and fun?  Those moments make the best memories, so embrace them, and if you have started your gratitude jar ahead of the new year, write about those moments and include them in your jar!

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