Monday, December 31, 2012

NY Times Ball Drop and New Resolutions!

Okay, so I am originally from Upstate New York, or rather a four hour drive from NYC, and I have never been there, most think that is shocking, but I grew up watching the ball drop on TV, like almost everyone else.  But, for the last several years, since my 6 year old was born actually, I have gone to bed before the ball actually dropped.  Sad about that, you might ask?  Not so much!
I like many make my own list of resolutions that I hope to keep each year.  I am starting a gratitude jar tonight and will include happy moments and happenings written on slips of paper with the hopes of reading them on New Year's Eve next year, and I have shared information about that in previous blog posts, so take a look.  But I want to share with you a newspaper clipping from probably about fifty plus years ago.  There is no date on the slip of newspaper, but it is old and yellowed along with all of the others which included cut out articles and recipes in my Great-Grandmother's recipe book.  The poem by James J. Metcalfe is titled Never Hopeless and goes like this:
As life goes on from day to day...And God is always near...There is no place for need to fear...Lift up your eyes, behold the skies...The bright, the dark, the dim...Whatever weather there may be...It is ordained by Him...Do not despair because of some...injustice done to you...Doubt not all other souls on earth...Because of one or two...Do not condemn yourself too much...For wrongs that you have done...It may deplete your moral strength...In battles to be won...Lift up your heart, have faith in God...And say a fervent prayer...For as you trust in Him, so He...Will keep you in His care.

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