Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crazy People Everywhere!

I thought that driving in Boise was bad. When you are driving on a stretch of five lanes of traffic, and a vehicle starts in the far right lane, swerves across two lanes, cuts you off by a foot or two, on their way to the far left lane, speeds up and cuts back across cutting off yet another person, all to get back in the far right lane and take the exit that they nearly miss by all that swerving. But, that was nothing compared to the shoppers that were practically playing bumper cars at the Walmart last night. It was as if there were a traffic jam in the toy section, people were there shopping and to complicate matters, some had their kids in the aisles too. Touching and picking up every imaginable toy, and the shouts of "I want this one..." we like that of car horns. Only, it was not just that way in the toy area, it was that way everywhere else we seemed to be. I think these people followed us, causing congestion wherever we needed to go. Another similarity to the traffic in Boise, no turn signals or nods, or any kind of acknowledgements were give. It was as if I was Momma Bear protecting her cubs. I even saw people eyeing our cart,as though thinking, "Can I grab this out of their cart and get away with it before they caught me?" The bad thing. It is not even Christmas Eve yet. Sadly, for some Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday this year, so I am sure that the stores will be extra crowded. But, thankfully not for us, we are finished, no matter what my husband says.

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