Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Debate: Christmas Cards, Yes or No.

I usually am and have always been to this point a "Yes!" All the way! I enjoyed creating and revising my list of family and friends that I sent the cards to each year, picking out the cards, usually from the selection at Costco, but sometimes, getting some cute ones on the clearance rack the year before, and one year even making them myself with stamps. But, after that initial happiness wares off, and I have spend countless hours of time, not to mention quite a bit of money on stamps, I get bummed when I only get back three or four cards in the mail. You see, I love getting a hand written card in the mail. It is just nice to get a card from a friend or family member, if nothing else than to break up the monotony of the bills, and junk mail that is in the mailbox the rest of the year. In the past few years, I would even send a little '"newsletter" of sorts with pictures and happenings of our little family, just to keep people up to date.
Sadly, this year, it is not happening, and the worst part, I am not upset about it. With Robyn's upcoming surgery, I am busy focusing on her, and will be throughout the rest of the holiday. And, I just want to se how many cards we get this year, just out of curiosity. If I do get a card from someone, I will send them a card back, out of respect and kindness, but for this year, that is it.
If you have seen the movie with Tim Allen, "Christmas with the Kranks", or read the book it was based on by John Grisham, "Skipping Christmas." That is what I am doing, in regards to Cards Only!

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