Thursday, December 22, 2011

A wish for Christmas!

A wish for you this Christmas is that we take a moment to breathe, and not just breathe but ponder. Ponder moments in our lives of the meaning of family, and friends, of the season. Of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the magnitude of His sacrifice, and what we can now do in our daily lives to somehow tell Him how much that truly means.
Every New Year, I like many others write out my list of things that I hope to accomplish in the coming year, and have done so early, so I can get a jump start.
1. Tell my kids, all three of them that I love them, every single day!
2. Tell my husband I love him, every day!
3. Show my family how much I appreciate them, in action and deed!
4. Pray each morning for help, and each night in thanks!
5. Read the Book of Mormon, early this year!
6. Call extended family often and tell them how much they mean to me!
7. Practice the violin, and share my love of music with others!
8. Begin my Master's Degree, and diligently continue!
9. Attend the temple, and live the covenants that I have made there!
10. IF there is any time left, take a moment of "me" time and clean out the closets!
Thanks to everyone reading this, and I hope that your New Year is a wonderful one, and that you are able to take away from the season the Love that is felt for you!

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