Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I wish that I could make it, but...

That is my thought every year. I like to go visit people and drop off a plate of goodies and the like, but this year, I am just tired. Not sick and tired, just tired! My response in my head every time someone wants me to help with something or go to their house for some reason or another is just that, "I wish that I could make it, but..." All this going on in my mind while my mouth speaks the words, "Sure, I can, what do you need me to bring..." Aaargh!
As in a prior post, I mentioned that my plan this year was to boycott Christmas Cards. Well, that has not worked out so well! I have gotten more cards sent to me than in several years past, combined. So, my thought, maybe next year. As for my college course that I was taking, Success! I passed it! Now, onto applying for the Master's Degree Program! So, excited, and worried at the same time. But, first I need to get through the holidays!
I want to take a moment and wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season, and hope that your New Year is filled with prosperity, and good health!

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