Friday, December 9, 2011

An Upcoming Christmas Party...

and a kid in a cast. Just the idea is scary, but I know that I need to take little girls to the Christmas Party at church. They will have a nice time, and there will be a lot of smiling friendly faces, and possibly S-A-N-T-A will be there. So, that is something I will have to really consider this year! Plus, the shopping trip for the family went well the other day. I mentioned before that I was going to do a lot of our bargain shopping at Deseret Industries this year, and I was really please with how things turned out. The little girls each will get a few toys, and story books, and several new (for them), complete outfits. And, my teenager, who went with to help pick things out, was able to find a few really "cool" jeans, and shirts to match, plus she was able to find a skirt that we both agreed on, which was major! Plus, a messenger bag for college, a book that she likes, and a few penguin stuffed animals! All-in-all, the trip there was a success! There will be more under the tree for them that we had originally thought! After next week, we will go to the friendly-neighborhood Wally-Mart, that is actually 20 minutes away, and pick up a few inexpensive items to fill in! Such a relief, I cannot tell you!

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