Sunday, November 18, 2012

One Dollar Dinner for Four!

This boxed of rice and seasonings make my life so easy, and are certainly budget friendly! 

There is a recipe on the box even.  I added one pound of browned hamburger that I already had, and 1/2 cup of frozen corn, again that I already had and presto, dinner was served!  And instead of a salad or slices of bread with butter, which either would have been a good addition, I sliced a mini loaf of sweet potato bread from our freezer that I had baked a few days ago, and dinner was served.

The cost breakdown for me was as follows:

One box of Rice a Roni - $1.00 on sale
Water - no cost
2 tablespoons of Butter - already had on hand
One pound of hamburger - already had on hand
1/2 Cup of frozen Corn - already had on hand

The cost breakdown if you needed to purchase the items:

One box of Rice a Roni - $1.50 (approximately)
Water - no cost
2 tablespoons Butter/Margarine - Possibly no cost, could be omitted in none on hand
One pound of hamburger - $3.00 (approximately)
Corn - $0.65 (cost for one can, only use 1/2 cup, will have leftovers)

My cost:  $1.00           Cost if Purchase of Additional Items:  $5.15 (approximately)
Remember that is for a family of four, which breaks down to $1.29 a serving!

The best test as to whether this dish was successful is my 3 year old.  She ate most of it on her own with out prompting, and pleading to do so! We will be having this again!

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