Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So many people are grateful....

I have seen a lot of blog and facebook posts where different friends and family are listing, sometimes daily different things that they are grateful for.  One blog lists a different thing daily.  Her home, her car, her husband, each child individually, technology, and finally today, her scriptures.  It is hard to pinpoint one thing each day, as I am of course grateful for all of those things daily.

Are you grateful fo something in particular?  Other than the usual, I mean.  We are or can be grateful for our families, our home, electricity, our Heaven Father, our Savior, the scriptures, and so on but is there something that you are specifically grateful for that is out of the ordinary?

For me, there are two things for today.

#1.  My Pain Pump!  I am truly grateful that is working correctly today, and dispersing the medicine that it does so that I have been able to remain upright and moving in a forward direction.  Even though I hurt, I am no longer curled up in a ball, and taking huge dosages of OTC and perscription meds so that I can function.  Though I still do occasionally, and probably will be doing that tonight, I know that with a little rest and respite, Ican be upright again in a day or two.

#2.  The food in my fridge.  Especially this last month, things have been tight financially, really tight.  But, I called our Relief Society President today to see if she was going to need help picking up the Thanksgiving bundles next week for our ward members in need, and she informed my that our family would be getting one as well.  It was such a relief!  I am not a person to ask for help, I am more of a suffer in silence person, but she shared with me, that she was given a prompting by the Holy Spirit to have a bundle ordered for us.  She told me that she just felt so strongly that we needed a little help this month, and I got really emotional, because I know that Heaven Father is truly watching out for us! 

So, my question to you is,what else are you grateful for?

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