Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting today, A relief in more than one way!

Yes, I voted.  I am a person who voted for what a person stands for, for the most part.  Leading up to today and including today, many, many people I know or are people I know because of Facebook have given me a glimpse into their political life that I did not know, about them. 

I have watched over the last month especially as people who I thought were calm, go-with-the-flow, kind, peacefully people become so forceful with their opinions and stances on issues that I was taken aback.  I have an opinion, and that is my opinion.  I feel that they are intitled to their own opinions, and I am not a person to push or force my opinion on another person.  Free Agency is a belief of mine.  But, I found that over the last month or so, people were whether meaning to or not, pushing at me because my opinions did not jive with theirs. 

I still like and admire many of these people, and still call them some of my dearest friends, but I am now looking at them in a slightly different light.  Whether the person I voted for, or you voted for wins tonight, I hope that we can still be friends in the morning! 

I just hope and pray that America and the American's and others who live here can work together, and come together as a society to better things here for those of us who live here!

The reason I am relieved is because I have voted, and that is my say in the matter, and number two.  There will be different ads, posts, tweets and the like other than political verbage!

So, whoever you are planning to vote for today, that is great, just get out and vote! Otherwise, you have no reason to complain if things do not go your way!

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