Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The teenager's room!

Oh, my...where do I even begin? 

Well, for one, I got so sick of the seven, yes...SEVEN large plastic, fast food drink cups that had been in her room, that finally on Sunday she got rid of them! One of which after we kept telling her was probably growing something, she admitted that several of them were.  But, sadly that isn't the worst!

I got so tired of the growing pile of dirty clothes and whatever else was lurking underneath that I cleaned up her floor, which took 30 minutes, and part of that was sorting her laundry, which she never does, and now there are three good piles of laundry.  Some of which may be clean and some that I know is dirty, but I got sick of sniffing from a safe distance to tell, so technically I am treated it all as dirty.  I even made her bed.  Which I haven't done in quite a while, but she was sleeping on her newer mattress, well, OUR newer mattress without even a mattress pad, so it was time!

I have threated until my face is blue to take a trash bag to her room, and I almost did today, but I thought better of it,as I might end up finding some of my belongings among her piles...

So, what do you do with a messy teenager, turn young adult?

I wonder if she will even notice that she can see her floor right off? 

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