Friday, November 18, 2011

Asked to Make a Dessert...

Well, two actually. I love when you are talking with one family member and you get things figured out as to who is maing what and who is bringing which dish for a major holiday meal, then you get a call from another family member asking you nt to bring what has already been figured out, but two of someting different. Compare notes people! That is what has happened. It had been discusse and decided that I would bring a variety of quick breads. Pumpkin, Apple, Banana, and Sweet Potato, were what I had planned on, and actually already have stored away in my deep reze for this. Then the other phone call asked me to bring not just one dessert, but two. In the past several years,I have always brought a pumpkin cheesecake, made from scratch, and though I love the one that Costco makes, mine tastes better, according to my husband. But anyways, I don't think that they realize that two of these things are going to cost of the ingredients cost me more than the price of a 20 pound turkey, or maybe they do, who knows. I have added a stock photo of the pumpkin cheesecake that I make, just because it sure does look yummy!

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