Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Clutter of the Holidays!

I use to think that my 1400 square foot house was small, which it is for a now family of five, especially with 2 of us being under the age of 6. That was until I started decorating for Christmas, the tree alone, which is 7 1/2 feet tall takes up a lot of floor space, and because of it's height, it goes practically in the middle of the living/dining space, because the ceiling is tall enough there. Then out come my Christmas village pieces, of which I have three growing sets, and all of the other knick-knacks that are just too cute to leave in the boxes, and the space is starting to dwindle pretty fast. I should probably mention that I do have two additional smaller trees and decorations that go on them but those decorations are too breakable and mostly handmade and irreplaceable so those will not be put up until the kids are a lot older. But, you might be starting to get the picture. I love the Christmas season, what can I say. It is difficult right now to manouver around, and I am constantly bumping into the tree, listening to the ornaments rattle as I go by, but as long as the tree doesn't topple over, I think I am okay. The funny thing is that as in years past, once we take the tree down, and the decorations are back in the boxes and the boxes are back outside in the place that they reside for the rest of the year, the house will feel so big and empty. That is quite comical considering that right now I feel closed in and crowded, yet full of the holiday spirit.

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