Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preparing for the Holiday!

In preparation for the big Turkey Holiday, we are actually doing something that is so required and needed that I am looking forward to it, yeah, right! We need to defrost our large upright freezer. See, I told you I was looking forward to it. There is less in the freezer right now than any other time during the year. We are almost out of our red meat from last year's steer, and I haven't replenished our bulk purchases yet, which I will do more towards Christmas by doing a Costco run, and I haven't started baking yet for the Christmas holiday, and our new steer is still "hanging out" over at the butcher, so now is the best time. We have to get it done before Tuesday though, as I am having a "delivery" of frozen potato products froma family member. We are so grateful for her kindness!
The plan is to enlist the little kids in packing the stuff from the freezer outside to the back of the pickup, so that it will all stay cold. My hope is that this will exhaust the kids so much that they take an amazingly long afternoon nap! What a nice thought!

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