Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reading instead of Teaching?

Okay, so normally I don't have a problem with listening to someone else read, a book or a lesson in class, but today it just rattled me that our teacher in Relief Society, who is a High School Teacher during the week felt that it was alright to read practically verbatim, word for word the lesson she was giving from a talk in the Ensign. She did not allow for questions or comments from others, and when someone tried to ask a question or make a comment, she kept plugging away, reading what we could all have read for ourselves. If I wanted to read the lesson, which I already had actually, I could have done that on my own time and by myself. I have taught a fair amount of the lessons myself in the past, but I at least try to look at the others in the room, and engage them in a conversation though brief, and ask for comments or questions if there was a misunderstanding. She did not. I would think that this might have been an off week for her, but this has happened before, plus she has an entire month to prepare. I just wish that she had engaged everyone in class more, it would have made the lesson more involed instead of feeling like we were being talked at and preached to.

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