Monday, November 21, 2011

Handmade, and in a Panic!

Okay, I am a person who fears things like raising my hand to volunteer, and I hate deadlines, not that I don't enjoying helping a person or completing something, I do, it is just that moment of sheer panic that hots me initially is a big issue. I volunteer all the time. Mostly for church, with meals for the sick, or pots of soup, etc., for a ward party, as I love to cook, a lot! As for deadlines, I am a planner so it shouldn't be a big deal to plan, as I am a big list maker, groceries, chores, dreams, all go on a list. It is just as the time for completion gets closer I go into panic mode.
For family Christmas gifts this year I am now in full panic mode. But, back in March of this year, 2011, you would have thought and probably told me, " will have plenty of time." Now, in mid November, not so much! You see, I got this huge idea, to save money, I would hand make everyone a gift this year, a cross stitched Christmas ornament, and not just one, but a different "set" for each person, family or couple. Which initially wasn't so bad, some of the ones I picked to make out of the 6 or 7 patterns/books that I have only had 4 or 6 in the set, but they took time. Time that I thought I had...and now I am running out!
But, a plus, I have gotten them almost done. The cross stitch is completed for everyone, and now I am just trying to mount each and everyone of then so that I can wrap them, in a cute package, and all the other wrapping ideas that pop into my head at this time of year.
I have to tell you though I ask for work and the trouble that goes with it. I decided yesterday during my toddler's naptime that I would hand color, using colored pencils, cute pictures to use as tags for the same hand made gifts so I got that done, then last night at 10:45 p.m. if that wasn't enough, I got this big idea to tie small ribbon bows to make refridgerator magnets for these same people getting these gifts. Time is running out, and I am knee deep in cross stitch floss, and ribbon! The picture included is in one of the books that I have, but in the next couple of days I will postactually pictures of what I have made. The neat thing, some of the pattern books that i have are 25+ years old. The ornaments are still cute and timeless!

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