Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Black Friday to look forward to...

I am not getting up before dawn to stand in line to push and shove through a throng of crazed people to get one out of only five laptops in the whole store for the amazing deal, and the 42 inch TV for $399.99. That is not me, and most years the day after Thanksgiving is just another day for me. I usually get ready to put up our Christmas decorations, by moving furniture around to make room, and vacuuming the floors and dusting the entertainment center, so that we can get out my Christmas Village pieces, but this year, I am excited. I will be shopping with my husband's Aunt and his sisters at a craft bizarre and at a friend's store. There is no rushing for me, if someone wants something that I am looking at, I will not push and shove them to get to that item, I will not glare and shout at someone who cuts in line in front of me, I just will not. At least that is my hope. Don't get me wrong, I am usually a nice person, but I do not like crowds, I get antsy when I am in a confined space for too long with a lot of other people, but I will be with my husband's family, and if you are married too, you will understand that you do not want to give these people any more ammunition than they already have on you. Then the plan after hitting those two places, we are all going to go to lunch. Which is actually what I am looking forward to. Adult conversation! That will make all of the traffic, and the crowds worth it, adult conversation! No Blue's Clues for two hours, followed by Dinosaur Train for an hour, with a Backyardigans thrown in there for good measure, my hubby has volunteered to watch the kids for me. Which means football, all day long! That will be torture for them, and by the time I get home they will be glad to see me, and I them! What a great day to look forward too!

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