Sunday, November 27, 2011

The tree is up and decorated with lots of help!

And I mean LOTS! The kids eyes got bigger and bigger as the boxes of decorations were brought into the house, then they wanted to touch everything! That made for a dilemma, since a lot of what is on top in each box is pretty breakable. Once I set out a pile of unbreakable items for them to decorate with, I would say, "One at a time," Robyn listened and took one off the table at a time and put it on the tree at her eye level, about 3 1/2 to 4 feet up, and Anna grabbed as many ornaments as she could, and placed them below her eye level, on the lowest branches of the tree. I had to laugh because I don't thing those branches have ever seen ornaments, I can't reach that low.
Jim then came to the rescue, and took the kids out for a drive, so that I could "fix" the tree. I did rearrange a few of the ornaments, just so some of them were up higher, and I added a few more to the top, along with ribbon, but I did leave a large number of them where they were placed by the kids, because as you might suspect, they would notice.
This morning when we woke up, Robyn who is 5, came out of their room, and she was disappointed to notice that Santa didn't come last night, and Jim had to explain that Santa wouldn't be here for a while yet. She even said to me that we forgot to make Santa cookies. That is so cute. As for Anna, when she got up, her sister had just turned on the tree lights, and Anna, who is 2, said, "The tree is awake!" With all the enthusiasm possible. She makes me smile!

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