Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow or No?

Living in Southern Idaho, there is the chance of snow here, but it is not always a guarantee, like in other places. Like, Utah or Michigan or Maine for example. But the chance is still a worry for me. Growing up, I lived for many of my younger years in upstate New York, in a rural community where the were still open spaces and people had yards in which to play. I loved the snow then. It was fun to get bundled up, until my hands and face were so red that they tingled and felt numb when I finally gave in and went inside. I remember laughing as a child when I would lose my boot in the snow while sledding because the snow was so heavy. The snow was fun then. Then at the age of 10, we moved to northern Arizona, and I got my first taste of a warm winter, and boy, did I love it! It was different, and fun to be able to play outside in just shirts, and pants, sometimes shorts in the winter. Then eventually we moved to Utah, where the snow returned, and I started to not think it was so fun, more of an inconvenience really. I was old enough then to have to help shovel, and learning to drive, and driving in snow and on ice, as we all know, not fun! Now, as I live here in Idaho, I am at an age when looking at it through a window from my nice, cozy warm house, is perfect! The snow is beautiful, especially when I don't have to drive in it. However, my teenager may have too, and so the worry begins. But, so do the memories of when I was a small child, as I watch my two little ones run around in it, and swing on their swing, and slide down the slide into the pile at the bottom. As they wait until they can't stand it anymore and run in the house with red cheeks and frozen hands, because with gloves they, "can't feel the flakes." The pure joy of a child is a wonder to behold! So, today as I watch the weather report to see if the snow is getting any closer, I will remember the happy moments, but still hope that the snow will hold off for another day or two.

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